Winter Hair Colors 2016 – Hair Color You’ll Love This Winter

The trend of Winter Hair Colors 2016-2017 has become so much famous from the last some years, coloring your hairs in various hues are great for opting a transformation in your character but if you need to make sure if it’s a genuine change you must go for the excellent shade. As celebrities are our reference of inspirations when it gets to fashion and trends, thus one can have a design from their hair colors too, as they maintain the most updated fashion. Here you go with the top hottest hair color fashion for this winter season.

Winter Hair Colors 2016 - Hair Color You'll Love This Winter

Fancy Winter Hair Colors 2016-2017

Autumn Orchid Hair Color

Autumn Orchid Hair Color

One of our ideals winter 2016 hair color fashion! This multidimensional purple and orange treasure include vivid and artistic shades. You can enhance or mute these shades to suit different choices. However, the contrast among the purple color and copper features is what gives the hair color so appealing. With a dark violet-red base, this complex look has winter printed all over it!

Warm Espresso Hair Color

Warm Espresso Hair ColorDark espresso brown matched with hot caramel features is the excellent way to go darkened for winter, without acting to an all over shade. Strategically color blending your dark brown with glowing highlights will make for a soft, dimensional flash that will put the hair in a healthier situation for when you want to combine more lightness in seasons.



 Chocolate Cherry Hair Color

Chocolate Cherry Hair ColorSeeing for a Winter Hair Color design for your brunette clients? Chocolate cherry is excellent with glimmers of red hues twisted with a warm brown base. This hair color comes together with the optimal stability of brown and reds always, is quickly adjusted for whichever shade your client wants to improve.



Toffee Almond Hair Color

Toffee Almond Hair ColorThe balayage method has been successful for quite a while now — and this winter, it is no strange! Keeping a fabulous approach, this process uses hand art to regularly melt together warm brown colors with their lighter matches. Bonus: This gradual combination of natural looking colors makes expense a breeze. As with related shades, Toffee Almonds works great with warmer skin colors.



Butterscotch Bronde Hair Color

Butterscotch Bronde Hair ColorAn excellent blend of blonde and brown, Butterscotch Bronde is a magnificent multifaceted hair color. Butterscotch bronde includes the warmer colors of the bronde hair color fashion, but is also uber talented, so it can look fabulous on all skin shades. You’ll find butterscotch bronde on the beautiful hair of sun-kissed Victoria’s Secret Models related Gisele Bundchen. Who doesn’t prefer a little warm light during the winter seasons?



Honey Blonde Hair Color

White Honey Blonde Hair ColorNot actually platinum. Not pretty golden. White honey blonde is a marvelous winter hair color selection for blondes who want a bulk light look, but don’t need to harsh regrowth light haired clients exposure in winter months. This smooth hair color is a refined balance between shimmery taupe colors and white blonde.



Arctic Blonde Hair Color

Arctic Blonde Hair ColorWith celebs still wearing platinum blonde hair (Hello, Gwen Stefani!), this fashion is not going anyplace anytime soon! Arctic Blonde is for your touchy, girls92 customers who don’t care the support. Bonus: Mix with a slender gray or purple color to produce a smooth look that is even more fitting for the icy days of winter.



Winter Plum Hair Color

Winter Plum Hair ColorSay hello to a color that is working plentiful this winter: Winter Plum. And, with a weight of different alternatives to play with, this fashion is popular among a difference kind of skin colors and fashions. Here, we see a darkened color of plum play up the climactic side of purple. But let the original colorist within you run wild! These purple colors are quickly balayage into a violet ombre or long burgundy hair color.



Flaxen Blonde Hair Color

Flaxen Blonde Hair ColorRequesting those who have a warm or inactive base and skin color: A must-have for the winter season is this Flaxen Blonde view, which blows a gorgeous golden warmth! The bright pigments will transmit hair shining and full of glow all winter long.



Opal Hair Color

Opal Hair ColorParent of pearl! The pastel hair color fashion is forever developing! These multifaceted expressions consist of a collection of shades that are seamlessly combined, which carry off an opal result. This technicolor hair fashion will bring a bright light to any customer daring sufficient to try!



Northern Lights Hair Color

Northern Lights Hair ColorPastel hair shade won’t end at opal! Northern matches or the “oil slick hair color fashion” is opal’s colored cousin. Done on hair with a deeper base and combined into a dazzling spread of blues, purples, and greens, this winter hair color fashion is certain to brighten up the dark winter airs.



Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

Spicy Strawberry Blonde Hair ColorAlways a winter hair color masterpiece, strawberry blonde is a fabulous idea for blondes resembling to add a little flavoring to their life. The gorgeous colors of this hair color are what give it so beautiful and very attractive! The prime mix of blonde beaches, with hints of red, gives the impression of strawberry colors. Plus, it’s remarkably talented. You could try for a soft, simple strawberry blonde or run for gold with some beautiful copper colors. Winter doesn’t have to involve going dull…Strawberry Blonde brings a fresh view to the season.



Snow Pink Hair Color

Snow Pink Hair ColorSnow Pink is sandy pastel color that serves well on cooler skin conditions. This color gives up facial characteristics and adds a whimsical character to the overall appearance. Plus, pale pink is such a pleasant color to fiddle around with! 🙂



Midnight Sapphire Hair Color

Midnight Sapphire Hair ColorDark blue hair shade can be an electrifying fashion budget, which is why this expression is so on trend. Midnight Sapphire is active, but can be executed down with a seamless combination of your preferred blue-black hair coloring we see climb every winter.



Charcoal Gray Hair Color

Charcoal Gray Hair ColorGranny chic hair isn’t going anyplace! 50 Shades of gray would be placing it gently. Since every particular form of gray and silver appears to be a winter hair colors 2016-2017 fashion. From dark, dark gray to shiny, silver costs, your Girls92 clients can’t go opposite with gray this winter!




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