Latest Fancy Indian And Pakistani Bridal Makeup Step By Step

Hello, dear ladies. As we all known that Fancy Indian And Pakistani Bridal Makeup is recognized the best in the world. The designs and the flows they use that are beautiful, pretty and creative. Especially an eye makeup, it is so impressive and elegant which make your eye look very colorful, interesting and attractive. I have read their makeup designers tutorials; their designers makeup skills are very impressive and effective. Their bridal makeup is really wondrous and beautiful; they apply particular methods like contouring tips, eye makeup suggestions and how to improve facial features. They make perfect bridal makeup guaranteeing their bride’s day is extraordinarily interesting.

Latest Fancy Indian And Pakistani Bridal Makeup Step By Step

Latest Fancy Indian And Pakistani Bridal Makeup Step By Step

Fancy Indian And Pakistani Bridal Makeup 

This tutorial should be so effective for brides who are looking for best makeup for their wedding as it is a dream of every girl to recognized perfect on her wedding day. Here I’m going to give a helpful tutorial for best Fancy Indian And Pakistani Bridal Makeup.

Dress Color And Other Things:

Indian And Pakistani Bridal Dresses

Which color of the dress, type of makeup, the color combination with respect to your dress, type of makeup which your skin favors fashionable Indian And Pakistani makeup. All of them are equally important things that should be recognized before starting your makeup. Planning is necessary for things to run in a batter way. Now, if you have chosen your dress and obtain best one for you, then move toward the next step.

Cleansing And Facials:

Do you have the knowledge about cleansing and facials, both of them play a vital role in makeup. In Indian And Pakistani makeup, the designers suggest their brides come in a few days before their marriage day so that they can get their face clean. I’m going to show you some of the best products for cleansing and facial you can do at you home easily. Make sure you apply that before two or three days of your wedding day. The best cleansing milk is: Nivea Visage Refreshing, Himalaya, Lotus Herbals Lemon and many more.


These cleansing milk are very reasonable and regarded ten best cleansing jars of milk. Cleansing will smoothen and soften your skin, remove moisture and maintains the flexibility of your skin. Now I’m presenting you best Indian And Pakistani facial equipment, which you can easily available and give a glow on your face. These are VLCC Papaya kit, VLCC Diamond Facial Kit and many more. I’m sure after using these you will get a good facial which makes glow on your skin and makes a good palette for other makeup goods on your face.
Let’s start a makeup, wash your face and moisturize it.

Wash Your Face:

Wash Your Face - Fancy Bridal Makeup

First of all, clean your face with fresh soap or face wash that your skin favors most. If you have a dry skin, then moisturize your skin with lotion or a moisturizing milk or the cream, and it make your skin soft and smooth. On the other side, if you got oily and sleekly skin, I suggested a good face wash like Himalaya Herbals.

Beauty Products You Should Use:

Beauty Products For Fancy Bridal Makeup

These products you must have, before starting a makeup:

  • Makeup base, Foundation or base, Concealer
  • Highlighter
  • Blush (pink or peach)
  • Bronzer
  • Eye base or a primer
  • An eyeshadow palettes.
  • Eye pencils and also include white eye pencil and black eyeliner
  • Soft colors lipstick kit
  • Black or brown mascara
  • Eye Shimmer
  • False eyelashes(optional)
  • Makeup tools & brushes

Apply A Base:

Apply A Base Step - Fancy Bridal Makeup

Now apply a foundation or base on your face. Make sure your base is according to your skin color otherwise makeup don’t look good. Apply a foundation on your face, now penetrate your base. When it sets all over the face and at your neck, then go to next step.

Applying Concealer:

Applying Concealer Step - Fancy Bridal Makeup

Did you have pimples and spots on your face? Still looking even after applying a base? So dear bride, it is not so big difficulty, it do not demolish your day and your beauty. Apply concealer on all those areas on which spots are shown. After applying it, make sure all the spots are hidden now. One tip here is: Don’t spread the concealer on the places, you just have to cover it with the sponge or a finger. Wow, after that they are all hidden now, isn’t it magic? Hold on, go to the next step.

Apply Primer:

Apply Primer Step - Fancy Bridal Makeup

Yes now, all the acne and pimples are coated if eye circles are still pointing on? Then here is the best process that has created for you is a primer. It covers all the dark circles which you have under your eyes. Eye Primer is regarded the best product before implementing shadows on your eyelid. It hides patches and veins, smoothing the creepy skin pretty well mannered. Through which, colors can mix easily, fitting a soft palette for using eye shades and performing it last all day. Eye primer presents a refreshing look to older eyelids. Most of the perfect primers that beauticians suggested are ELF shadow smashes box photo finish lid primer, Mac paint, etc. After that Set a base or foundation and do contour.

Applying Foundation, Bronzer & Base Makeover:

It is a time to improve your characteristics; that task will be done through contouring. This is one of the important and difficult parts of the makeup, providing a perfect look and prominent your face features. So watch these steps very carefully and accurately:

Applying Foundation Step - Fancy Bridal Makeup

Now before using a bronzer, you have to set your base or foundation. Use foundation on your faces, beneath your eyes, forehead and all across the face. But does not combine it so much.
After that take out your bronzer, apply it on your cheekbone, upper for a head, nose sides, on upright nose bone, chin, cheeks line and that you have done with a bronzer thing.
Bring out your contouring brush, smoothly touch the brush over an area of outline color and blend it with a base.
Keep doing it as shown in a picture.
Now you are finished with contouring, also, watch these pictures as shown below:

Do Eye Makeup:

What an excellent base has resolved down, wait for 5-10 mins, and then after that start your eye makeup. Here are steps:
Bring out your shadows.

Eye Makeup Step - Fancy Bridal Makeup


  1. Establish a base of your eye
  2. Assume your dress color is red holding work of golden and green shades. Then here is a suggestion of Indian And Pakistani Makeup. Pick those colors which are unique in your dress or the work on your bridal dress.
  3. Now implement the golden shade all over your eye
    Use green color from the middle of your eye and till the edge of your eye makes an end
  4. Now use white eyeshade under your eyebrows, it will highlight and heighten your eyebrows
  5. Now mix the golden and green eye colors in the middle part of your eyelid by blending brush.
  6. Use eyeliner and mascara lightly
  7. Use a white pencil that will help in delivering your eyes bigger.
  8. Implement golden eye pencil underneath the lower eyelashes
  9. Now finish remaining and other parts of your eye
  10. Now spray the eye shimmer on your eyes and Your superb eyes are ready now.

Apply Highlighter And Blush:

Apply Highlighter And Blush Step - fancy Bridal Makeup

The dearest lady there is the tip to see a shine on your face. Use highlighter on your cheekbone, before utilizing blush. It will give shine to your face, which giving you a classic look.

Getting Fantastic Lips:

Do not use straight a lip color on your lips. First of all make a lip base with any product or foundation. In Indian And Pakistani Makeup, bridals always use red lip color on their lips. So after performing a base, apply a red lip color lipstick on your lips, spread it with a lip brush, smoothly and perfectly. Here you are ready with your red lips.

Getting Fantastic Lips Step - Fancy Bridal Makeup

At the end, bring out a face powder and fix your base and apply perfume. And now are ready for your bridal Indian And Pakistani Hairstyles. Ready for our next bridal hairstyles tutorials, designs, and the pattern. Thank you for watching us. Always keep in touch and comment below.

Image Source: Google & MakeupBySaleha

Complete Indian And Pakistani Bridal Look:

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Bridal Makeup Looks Bridal Makeup Looks Bridal Makeup Looks Bridal Makeup Looks

Bridal Makeup LooksBridal Makeup Looks Bridal Makeup Looks Bridal Makeup Looks

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