Latest Fancy Summer Nail Art Designs 2016/2017

I always have much enjoyable making nail designs, ideas and desired to make one with some Latest Fancy Summer Nail Art Designs 2016/2017. There are different 10 designs here and I picked to make a nice combination of easy and simple to medium hardness designs. See on for a malfunction of each and every look and if I can know what polishes I used, I will post them also!

Latest Fancy Summer Nail Art Designs 2016/2017

Fancy Summer Nail Art Designs 2016

Strawberry Pinstripe Nail Art DesignsStrawberry Pinstripe

Cover a pinstripe base using a striping polish over your base shade. For strawberries, apply some red pear forms, then attach the leaf part at the bulky end! If you are thinking bold then make some tiny dots or spots to add texture.



Bunting Nail Art Design


Applying white, begin with 4 rounded lines over your nail and then make some small triangles. Fill the triangles with many different colours according to your choice and like!



Half-Pearls-Half Nail Art Design


Paint your base colour and allow it to dry, after then paint half of your nail with the other shade. I used tape to score off a nice straight line down the middle but if you have a regular hand you might not want to. To make on the jewels or pearl, I applied a dollop of clear polish to connect them one at a time.



Stripes Nail Art DesignStripes

Paint your base shade and make sure it is totally dry. Use some tape or straight stencils where you want to have your base colour appearing through and paint some different shades in the hollow space. When it is dry, execute striping tape where the colours match and use some layers of top coat to keep it protect.



Matte Gradient Nail Art DesignMatte Gradient

Though not ideal summery colours, the neutral colour and white that work completely well together to build a great summer look fit for formal events. I designed the gradient and worked a matte top coat to get that finish.



Polka Dots Nail Art DesignPolka Dots

Creating a set of dotting accessories, I started this design with the biggest dots in an oblique line over the nail. I worked outwards from there checking the size of each and every row of dots.



Saran Wrap Mani Nail Art DesignSaran Wrap Mani 

To get that effect, I blobbed out 4 different colours of green onto a sheet of plastic. I used an a small part of parcelled up saran cover/cling film and touched it downwards onto the paint to mix the colours together. Next, I quickly mixed it onto the nail to form this textured effect.



The Deep V Nail Art DesignThe Deep V Nail 

Paint your base shade and use a striping brush to draw a long, tiny V that matches right at the edge. Fill it in and then sketch if you desire to!



Make Like A Tree... Nail Art DesignMake Like A Tree…

Let your base coat dry and then draw a line corner was crossed your nail then start designing lines from one side to join the line in the middle. Next, design lines moving downwards, marrying them up where the horizontal lines meet the middle line.



Daisy, Daisy Nail Art DesignDaisy, Daisy 

Cover almost 5 white lines cracking out from the centre of your integument and create a petal shape almost each line. Once that’s dry then attach a yellow centre and finish it with top coat.



Last Words

I hope you like these Top 10 Fancy Summer Nail Art Designs 2016/2017. If you have any problem or question feel free to ask.

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